Many Ways to Join In

And show your support for someone you know

The hospital cares for a wide variety of people and needs. Likewise, there are lots of ways you can express your appreciation and support:

Why not Donate Now with a one-time gift?

Every gift is an important step toward the Hospital’s goals. You can mail a cheque or drop off your gift at the Hospital’s Reception Desk. We’ll mail you an income tax receipt right away, and know you’re a valued part of a giving community.

 Monthly pre-authorized gifts

Busy people find real advantages, and special satisfaction, in making their giving consistent and a regular part of life. It takes only a couple of minutes to set up, and income tax receipts are generated automatically. Start now.

Gift in honour or in memoriam

You can celebrate a milestone or the life of someone important to you, and support others at the same time. Contact us for suggestions for an appropriate way to express your appreciation.

Legacy and estate planning

We will work with you to ensure your commitment to the life and health of our community carries on after you. A foundation representative can provide the necessary information.

Stocks and securities

Give smart. If you have appreciated investments, you can give the foundation an even greater financial boost – and save on taxes too – by donating securities instead of cash. Why not put your financial advisor or investment expert in touch with us?

If you’re unclear on how donating securities works, and the financial benefits such as significant income tax savings, read this simplified example.

Get involved

There’s nothing like joining in a good cause with good people. We are a volunteer community organization, so you’ll get to know other generous and likeminded people when you:

  • Volunteer with a gift of time, ideas and help
  • Share your story with us – it will make a big difference
  • Stay in touch and help us keep you informed about upcoming events – it would be great to see you out!
  • Gifts in kind can be a great way of bringing your own skills and resources to your community’s benefit. Tell us more about you and what you do, and how you’d like to help.

Survey Says…

A province-wide patient satisfaction survey says we are
“1 of 2 Top Performers for Inpatient and Emergency services.”
And in the top 10% for Overall Care … province-wide!National Research Corporation Canada (NRCC)

Your feedback and support matter!